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International Designers & Consultants – since 1994.

We provide engineering and technical services related to the design, construction and operation of sea and inland navigation vessels.

Prokon International ™ - over 25 years of experience.

Our specialists have participated in the design and construction of 16 vessels in Polish shipyards over the past 9 years. They supervised the construction of 11 new units as contract engineers. We independently prepared technical designs of six ships in cooperation with design offices and shipyards.

Since 2014, we have been providing continuous technical supervision services over the operation of ships. Our specialists repair and overhaul engines, pumps and other marine equipment. We also provide crew outsourcing services for shipowners.

PROKON INTERNATIONAL ™ is a company with 100% Polish capital.

PROKON INTERNATIONAL ™ is a company with 100% Polish capital.

"Prokon International ™ means continuous improvement of shipbuilding services in the field of mechanics, automation and electrical engineering - we are also developing a design office similar to Prokon Spółka z o.o. from the 1990s. "


– Dariusz Makarewicz, Chairman of the Board